Freqs Of Nature Festival 2017

05.-11. July

As in the past years we want to thank all our amazing guests, crew, artists & the local community of Niedergörsdorf. Only with all of you we are able to keep developing the festival and follow our vision of how our festival should be.

The build up, the festival itself and everything around has been extremely harmonic and a pleasure for us! We could not wish for a better crowd & crew than the one from this year! Thank you, we love you all!
We are aware that the attempt of pushing boundaries with art has it risks and we know that not everybody likes where we are heading, but we deeply believe in our path and we are following and evolving it. We are in need of constant change and evolution of our concept and we don´t want to recycle our proven ideas over and over again. We are looking for art that is beautiful and thought provoking and not for art forms that are just pleasing to the mass so we are happy about extreme reactions and we are ready to process them.
We are very pleased with the content and infrastructure of this year, but of-course we are also aware of many things to improve and we are already working on doing it better next time. Our heads and hearts are even as we are tired now full of new ideas and visions for the years to come, to redefine and progress Freqs of Nature as an peculiar Art, Music and Engineering Festival.

See you next year the dates will be 5-11 July 2017!!! 

Date: Wednesday July 05th 2017 till Tuesday July 11th 2017

Location: 14913 Niedergörsdorf (70km south from Berlin)

Camping: Wednesday July 05th 2017 10 a.m. till Wednesday July 12th 2017 10 a.m