Answers to frequently asked questions

Due do popular demand, here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


You can enter the festival camping area from noon Wednesday July the 5th. If you arrive a few days earlier please go to an official camping ground nearby, e.g. the one in Oehna and don’t just park somewhere in the woods.

In the night 5th to 6th July the amazing Karsten Pflum Sleep Concert is happening from midnight till the morning in the ambient hangar followed by an ambient pre-party until the next evening.

Thursday July the 6th the Opening concerts with a warm up by Mynolia and headlined by Mark Ernestus´ Ndagga Rythm Force are happening from 9pm until the Gates to the inside area of the festivals are opening.

From midnight July 6th to July 7th the music on the Groove and the Forest floor is starting and then all other floors will take off one after the other and the main floors are running for 4 full days until Monday the 10th evening 10pm.

Soon as the openair floors are closing monday evening an ambient after party is happening in the ambient hangar going until the next morning tuesday 11th.
We ask everybody to leave the location before noon wednesday July 12th.


There is no extra charge for camping or parking!
We are not separating between car parking and camping. Tents and caravans/vans/buses are all on the same camping.

Drinking Water & Personal drinks and food

We are providing free drinking water through out the whole festival ground with freely accessible water taps. We build kilometres of a water pipe connection from the next village last year to be able to provide you with the best possible drinking water! Use them, stay hydrated!

We are allowing any reasonable amount of personal supplies of any form, there are no restrictions such as alcohol or glas bottles and the likes, you can enter to all festival areas with your own beverages and food.


Since it is very easy to reach the next by town called Jüterbog by public transportation we advice everyone to take trains to Jüterbog, from there a local bus operator is providing shuttles for the whole duration of the festival, july 5th noon to july 12th noon.


Tickets are not personalised, meaning you can sell them/buy them from others. Please be aware we have no way to check who is entering with a ticket, and the first person coming with a ticket will be let in. That means please only buy tickets from trusted sources since a ticket could be printed out multiple times. Fraud with tickets has occurred and we can only advise to buy tickets only from your own network. If you absolutly can’t resist the urge to buy a ticket from the nice girl at the train station, ask for an ID and write down the name and adress.