Freqs of Nature Festival 2017

Again Freqs of Nature Festival has been a heart warming emotional ride through days saturated with our favourite art.
We want to thank our amazing team and artists for all the hard work and passion put into this project, you all are what is making this festival to what it is! We also want to thank our wonderful guests for bringing so much good energy and open minds ready to receive our artistic experiments. Last but not least we are sending out our deepest gratitude to the neighbours and local residents for giving us the space we need and for welcoming us with open arms into their community as well as the local authorities for their trust and continuous support!

We are giving every year again all what we got and we are focussing all our energy and creativity into this project to be able to hold up with our own goals and urge to constantly evolve. A key element of evolving is observing and learning from each edition to try and create an even more detailed experience for the years to follow. With the for us successful launch of the Bass Playground we have decided to move most of the Drum&Bass from the Forest Floor to the Bass Playground in the following years to give again more room for both styles to unfold their full potential without compromises. The experiment to mix two so contrary genres on one stage has a been very positive for us and it warms our hearts to see how both worlds have gained so much from each other, but we have reached what we wanted and its time to move on. These and so many other little things are subjects of our constant development of the creative melting pot that Freqs of Nature Festival is!

As we are finishing up the take down and are already diving deep into the preparations for next year we want to wish everybody a healthy and creative year and we are excited to be welcoming you to the next edition 04-09 July 2018!

Much love, inspiration and gratitude from your Freqs of Nature team