Resident Advisor pick 10 Top festival of the months July – Freqs Of Nature has made it to number 4

Freqs Of Nature

Militärflugplatz, Berlin, Germany
July 5 – July 11

Germany has no lack of oddball outdoor raves, but Freqs Of Nature has steadily moved to the front of the pack. Over 200 artists, builders and volunteers are currently constructing some seriously psychedelic structures and installations onsite in Niedergörsdorf, reflecting the festival’s roots in community participation and tripped out psytrance. Running all the way from Wednesday to the next Tuesday, what looks like a marathon on paper actually encourages ebbs and flows, passing through extreme breakcore from Ruby My Dear to Kettenkarussell’s subtle grooves and Rrose’s mind-expanding techno.

RA Pick: Psychedelic techno master Mike Parker.