The music is just a little part of the culture of our festival but it has a great impact on the hole experience.

So after months of listening, consideration and many years of floor observations we are happy and proud to present the first batch of our selection of what we think is the finest the Psychedelic Trance scene has to offer.
We want to thank all the artists for their great support, without their love towards the scene and their continues support a line up in such extent and intensity would never be possible.

Be excited and expect the finest selection of the following styles:

Drum&Bass, Breakcore, Neurofunk, Techstep, Glitch-Hop
Progressive-Trance, Psygressive
Forest, Dark and Hi-Tech Trance, Psycore
Tekno, Tribe, Acid
Techno, Dub Techno, Hypnotic, Experimental
Minimal, Tech-House, House, Acid-House
Dub, Roots
IDM, Electronica, Ambient



The Forest-Floor is our melting pot for extreme and experimental music. Multi-layered sound arrangements and driving grooves are selected to let you dive deep in to your own imagination. A...
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The Groove Floor concept is about driving grooves, deep rhythms, detailed musical arrangements and psychedelic atmospheres on uplifting beats. Besides the known and often heard experts we selected some amazingly...
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Following the concept of the past editions, the emphasis of the Kreuz[&]Quer Floor Lineup is to present a selection of some of today’s most daring sound artist’s. Inspired to merge...
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Our Rela(x)pedimental Floor is maturing in it´s style. Going more experimental we managed to invite a fine selection of IDM and avant-garde artists who will present relaxed, yet tasteful weird...
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coming soon…
coming soon…