Worker Applications offline

Freqs 2017 Applications for Wood Workers and Metal Workers, Welders, Mechanical Engineers, have been taken offline.
The application have now been closed, we want to thank everyone who has filled in the form and has applied to be part of this years Freqs experience. During the next couple of weeks we will be selecting the applications, we ask you kindly to be patient with your reply. Everyone who has applied will be hearing from us soon.
For those who didn’t manage to apply right in time to be part of this years Freqs Of Nature festival, have the chance to apply for next year. The applications for 2018, will most likely go online around December 2017.
We look forward to be reading through your application.
Your Freqs Team

Forest Floor Line Up online

With the Forest Floor LineUp we are following the path we took already in the last years in a more refined and thought through way. Combining the best we could possibly book from both worlds of experimental Psychedelic Trance and Drum & Bass.

Forest Floor Line Up

Market Stall Applications for 2017 are online

You can apply from now on for one of the market stall spaces, for Freqs Of Nature Festival 2017.

The applications will only be online till the end of February 2017. We ask therefore everyone who wants to be part of it, to apply with in time. We wont accept any applications send after the official forms are offline!! Due to the limited spaces available on the festival side, as well as the requirements set by the local authorities not every application will lead to a market stall space, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize already at this point, in case your application is not successful.

We ask you kindly to not send us any emails asking if your shop has been accepted or not! Everyone who applied will receive an email couple of weeks after the applications have been closed.

We look forward to be reading your applications, you can apply for one of the market stalls here: PARTICIPATE

First ticket batch sold out!

The for us largest ever first limited batch with 600 tickets is now sold out.
From now on till the 31st December you can buy your pre-sale ticket for 95€.
We want to thank everybody for the early support!

Freqs of Nature Festival 2016 – Picture Links

We received countless messages asking about pictures from this years festival, we couldn’t find the time yet to sort all the wonderful albums from our official and other amazing photographers, but here is a collection of links from what we have received till now.


Picture Links:…………………

Freqs of Nature Festival 2016 – Short Review – Thank You !

Same as every year we want to thank all our amazing guests, crew, artists & the local community of Niedergörsdorf. Only with all of you we are able to keep developing the festival and follow our vision of how our festival should be.

The build up, the festival itself and everything around has been extremely harmonic and a pleasure for us! We could not wish for a better crowd & crew than the one from this year! Thank you, we love you all!
We are aware that the attempt of pushing boundaries with art has it risks and we know that not everybody likes where we are heading, but we deeply believe in our path and we are following and evolving it. We are in need of constant change and evolution of our concept and we don´t want to recycle our proven ideas over and over again. We are looking for art that is beautiful and thought provoking and not for art forms that are just pleasing to the mass so we are happy about extreme reactions and we are ready to process them.
We are very pleased with the content and infrastructure of this year, but of-course we are also aware of many things to improve and we are already working on doing it better next time. Our heads and hearts are even as we are tired now full of new ideas and visions for the years to come, to redefine and progress Freqs of Nature as an peculiar Art, Music and Engineering Festival.

See you next year the dates will be 5-11 July 2017!!!

Und zum Ende noch mal in Deutsch ein weiteres großes DANKE an die Gemeinde Niedergörsdorf und alle dort lebenden. Wir genießen es immer wieder bei euch zu sein und freuen uns über die Gastfreundschaft, Geduld und Akzeptanz. Wir wissen das wir sehr laute, ungewöhnliche und bunte Nachbarn sind und freuen uns deshalb um so mehr über die gute Zusammenarbeit!

Setup Crew 2016 – Thank You!

As we approach the Freqs of Nature Festival kick off, and the gates have just opened, we would like to share this last picture of the festival set up crew!
We are so appreciative of the great team we had this year, and we would like to thank everyone for their hard work that never got in the way of high spirits, fun times and good moods!
Thanks so much for being such a special bunch of people! We love you