Bass Freqs EP released

We have something special for you today.

We are happy to anounce the release of “Bass Freqs”, the first EP of our Resident artist Francesco Lenci here represented with his Drum&Bass project Artificial Behavior aka Re:Set.

Atmospheric and intelligent Neurofunk from Berlin with influences from various genres. Not too aggressive nor too mellow he is delivering a refreshing approach to Drum&Bass. From the floating deep song “Log Out” over the techy drum-monster “Idment” to the Neurofunk dancefloor-blaster “The Beast” this EP is showing his wide spectrum of creations.

To listen to and download the EP follow this link.

New Freqs Poster

A poster which you´ll see hanging around Berlin from now till the festival with a nicely sorted overview of most of our line up.

First Construction Impressions

The Freqs location has us back….

In already less than one month the Freqs of Nature gates are gonna open. Our crew is growing day by day, with many known faces and new ones joining our setup team. This time of the year is one of the most beautiful experiences, all of us we live here together for that months, like a big family, creating a weirdly beautiful playground made of organic materials for all of you to explore.

We cant wait to welcome you here.

Time to print your tickets

With less then a month to go and construction starting in earnest, the guys from the ticket help desk asked for this little reminder.

If you already got your ticket now would be a good time to go ahead an print it. Especially so, if you use or Hotmail for your email as ticket mails tend to get lost with those services. Experience shows that there is always a flurry of last minute panicky requests by people that can’t find their tickets anymore. So now is your chance to beat the crowds and sort things us with us.

If you have problems or questions regarding your advance sale tickets, please check our FAQ below or contact the ticket help desk at

If you haven’t got your ticket yet, you can still buy them at a considerable discount in our:

Ticket Shop

Ticket FAQ


Kinetic Metal Sculpture Workshop With Patrice Pit Hubert

Patrice Pit Hubert offers a Kinetic Sculpture workshop. Join the workshop to see how a sculpture of 80cm high will be made. Discover the techniques on how to cut, bend and assemble as well as how to weld metal to materialize a sculpture, in the likes of Patrice Hubert.

You can join the workshop throughout the festival, the exact times and location will be in the festival guide.

Prep work begins


Things are moving full-steam ahead, as we are about to start the prep work at our location! Once again we and more then 200 artists, workers and helpers will work non-stop from now until the start of the festival on July, 5th, to create the magic organic surroundings that makes Freqs of Nature Festival what it is!

As always, stay tuned for a completely new design of the entire venue, ground braking new decorations and psychedelic engineering installations!

There are still advance-sale tickets of the last batch available. Just visit our Ticket Shop

Stickers and Posters have arrived

We are seeing our posters and stickers not just as promotion but rather more as a way to display art. Every year we are looking for artists who are in a symbiosis with our art concept to create an art piece representing our festival.

Since we do not send out promo-packages, as we feel that’s a waste of resources and leaves to much of an impact on our environment. But to still give the opportunity to everyone to get some of this stunning art prints we have besides laying out promo at events and scene-hotspots, placed some stickers and posters at the lovely Plazmalab Berlin Shop in Friedrichshain/Berlin.

From today everyone who likes, can go there to pick up posters and stickers. Please take only as much as you need or are able to spread around, we all should safe resources as much as we can.
We understand that for those who are not living in Berlin it’s not the easiest solution but we estimated that almost from every friend circle around Europe someone will pass by Berlin during the next months. If you like to grab some of this lovely art and you are not from Berlin or closely around just ask some friends who are visiting in or from Berlin to pick some up for you.

Please do not call the shop and ask them to send you a package, we are grateful that they are supporting us to spread our artwork but we don’t want to interfere with their daily business, so please only pass by and pick them up directly. The Opening hours you can see on their website.
You can find Plazmalab Berlin here:

10245 Berlin

Karsten Pflum returns

We are looking forward to another one of the amazing Karsten Pflum sleep concerts! This year without the pre-registration, last year showed that it us not necessary.

Land-Artists Wanted

We are looking again to expand our Land-Art teams with nature loving beings with an eye for natural patterns and detailed art. Previous experience in this field will raise the chance of your application to be accepted but is not necessary, you can also explain us why you think you are the right person for our Land-Art team.


Photographers Applications are online

We at Freqs Of Nature Festival are now looking for photographers for the 2017 edition.
Besides photographers during the festival, we are also looking for one Photographer who would like to join us already 3 weeks before the festival. During the setup time, to capture the whole setup of the festival seeing all the projects manifest from scratch. If you are interested in that position, please let us know via the application and we will get back to you with further infos.
We are only looking for extensive experience Photographers who can spot truly original and elusive moments with their camera.


Volunteer Applications are online

Volunteering is a great opportunity to see the festival experience from behind the scene and to take part of the whole happening. You can take a closer look on how projects will be materialized and on how the whole team works together, its a great way to spend the summer time in harmony with nature.


Worker Applications offline

Freqs 2017 Applications for Wood Workers and Metal Workers, Welders, Mechanical Engineers, have been taken offline.
The application have now been closed, we want to thank everyone who has filled in the form and has applied to be part of this years Freqs experience. During the next couple of weeks we will be selecting the applications, we ask you kindly to be patient with your reply. Everyone who has applied will be hearing from us soon.
For those who didn’t manage to apply right in time to be part of this years Freqs Of Nature festival, have the chance to apply for next year. The applications for 2018, will most likely go online around December 2017.
We look forward to be reading through your application.
Your Freqs Team

Forest Floor Line Up online

With the Forest Floor LineUp we are following the path we took already in the last years in a more refined and thought through way. Combining the best we could possibly book from both worlds of experimental Psychedelic Trance and Drum & Bass.

Forest Floor Line Up

Market Stall Applications for 2017 are online

You can apply from now on for one of the market stall spaces, for Freqs Of Nature Festival 2017.

The applications will only be online till the end of February 2017. We ask therefore everyone who wants to be part of it, to apply with in time. We wont accept any applications send after the official forms are offline!! Due to the limited spaces available on the festival side, as well as the requirements set by the local authorities not every application will lead to a market stall space, we would like to take this opportunity to apologize already at this point, in case your application is not successful.

We ask you kindly to not send us any emails asking if your shop has been accepted or not! Everyone who applied will receive an email couple of weeks after the applications have been closed.

We look forward to be reading your applications, you can apply for one of the market stalls here: PARTICIPATE

First ticket batch sold out!

The for us largest ever first limited batch with 600 tickets is now sold out.
From now on till the 31st December you can buy your pre-sale ticket for 95€.
We want to thank everybody for the early support!