The 2018 edition will be the last Freqs of Nature!

To quit while you´re ahead or as we say in German: Aufhören wenns am schönsten ist.

We didn’t intent to make this announcement before this years edition as we wanted to celebrate one last time like there is no tomorrow and with the smallest possible worries. But as we should have expected, rumours got the better of us and to avoid false informations to be spread we feel we have to make it official that after this years 7th edition the story of Freqs Of Nature Festival will end.

There are many reasons for this step and to explain all of them would exceed the scope of a social media post, we might do another statement after the festival this year but for now we want to keep it as short as possible.

The main reason we are ending this project is that we feel we have achieved what we wanted with this concept and that we got with this years line up and creative concept to our personal visionary maximum! We just don’t want to do what many others did and keep riding a successful concept just for economical reasons.

We also reached a point by constant processing and bringing things to newer levels that costs are raising constantly, but the amount of guests have been staying the same and again we would need to become more commercial to support the always growing extend of the festival program. Freqs of Nature has always been about innovating, experimenting, exploring and evolving, and to us this project is way to dear and to precious to be running it down or turning it into something we never wanted it to be.

Another factor is that times have changed over the last 8 years that we have worked on this project and many things such as laws and tax regulations are not supporting an underground artistic concept like ours anymore, for us to follow all the new regulations the bureaucratic extend is taking to much time and leaves less and less room for our creative work.

Ending this project doesn’t mean we gonna disappear from the face of the world, we are all going to keep doing what we do best. A big part of the crew who has always been doing the amazing new years indoor festival Odyssee ( will now have more time to make this event even more incredible. Ankur & Naty Seres who have been in charge of the creative concept and booking selection are going to concentrate on their own music and use their expertise on their sets and on their label Atmophile Electronics ( to keep pushing boundaries of electronic music and keep supporting beautiful and peculiar art.

We never know what the future brings, we might even do an event all together next year or in two years at the same place with a new far less complex and smaller concept, but for sure Freqs Of Nature ends in 2018.

Let’s concentrate our energy on making the final edition of Freqs of Nature the most memorable and outstanding experience of all of them and celebrate one last time as the strong and extraordinary family we feel we have become.

Much love, your FON Team <3