Festival Tickets

The minimum age requirement for entry to the festival is 18 years. However, minors under the age of 18 will be allowed entry while and only while accompanied by a parent or a court appointed legal guardian. To be clear, no big sister, best friends, aunts, best firends dad, letters from mom or dads on the phone will be accepted. Your parents have to be physically present and stay as long as you are.

Since it is not always possible to guess a person’s actual age, we kindly ask you to carry proof of age such as an ID-card or a passport that will be required for entrance.

Advance-sale Tickets

The advance-sale for the Freqs of Nature Festival 2018 edition will start at 1st of October 2018 22:00 (10:00pm CET).

You can buy your advance-sale tickets via our safe Online Ticket Shop. There you can pay your ticket via Paypal or Visa / Master card (3D Secure) or Giropay.

Ticket Shop

Advance-sale Prices

95,- Euro until max. 15th of October 2017 – Ticket limit 600 pc.
100,- Euro until 31st of October 2017
110,- Euro until 31st of December 2017
120,- Euro until 28th of February 2018
130,- Euro until 30th of April 2018
140,- Euro until 2nd of July 2018

160,- Euro at the entrance

Children Ticket Informations

• Children below 12 years of age can enter for free.
• For all kids in the age group of 12-16, the ticket price will be 75€. These tickets are only available at the gate.

Online Ticket Shop Advantages

Huge discounts for early birds
Simple ordering procedure
No extra presale fee
No extra fee for shipping. We send your eTicket as PDF to your e-mail.
Reliable and proven system (Used since Fullmoon Festival 2003 and Odyssee)
Less waiting time at the entrance for you
The barcode on your ticket speeds up the entrance procedure
Secure Payment via PAYPAL.

To buy your ticket now visit our Ticket Shop (Hosted by The link will be opened in a new browser window.) Ticket Shop

Questions about your order? Please send a mail to or check out our FAQ.




One-Day Ticket: 75,- EUR for 24h (available at the gate till Sunday July 8th 10:00am) (deposit: 160,- Euro)

Two-Day Ticket: 120,- EUR for 48h (available at the gate till Saturday July 7th 10:00am) (deposit: 160,- Euro)


For all those of you that can’t stay the whole festival we will offer one and two day tickets, like we did in the past. A One-Day Ticket will be valid for 24 hours. A Two-Day Ticket will be valid for 48 hours. These tickets are only sold at the festival gate, you can’t buy them in advance and you can’t change a regular ticket for a day ticket.

We will use the same well established system we used in previous years. You’ll have to deposit the regular entrance fee at first and we will register the time of your arrival. If you leave the festival within 24 or 48 hours, we will refund you the appropriate difference between Day Ticket and your deposit.

To avoid any misuse – in example to assure that the guy standing behind you in line can’t come back and claim your money – you will have to prove your identity during registration and check out. To do so you will need some kind of hard to fake document with your name and picture on it. We prefer passports, id cards or drivers licenses, but if need be, we will also accept something like credit cards with a photograph. If possible and necessary, choose something that has a romanized version of your name on it. We can’t enter foreign scripts into our computer, and on-the-fly romanization was a major source of confusion in the past

During registration we will record your name, day of birth and home country, as well as the time of your arrival. During check out we will additionally record the time you have left. Of course we will keep this information strictly confidential and we will delete all personal data immediately after the festival.

After the registration we will give you a small piece of paper with your registration number. The number is meant to speed up the check out, because it makes it so much easier to find your registration. In the past the number one reason for delays during checkout were typos or inconsistent romanization during registration, that made it hard to search for a name. So please put your registration number somewhere save and bring it to checkout, as it will help us a great deal and spares you unnecessary delays. If you loose it you will still get your refund, but it might take a little bit more time.

One-Day and Two-Day Tickets are real 24 or 48 hour tickets. The clock starts at the time of your arrival. That means if you buy a One-Day Ticket on Friday at 8:30 am, it will be valid until Saturday 8:30 am.

You also have the option to stay longer, if you spontaneously decide to do so. Your One-Day Ticket will automatically become a Two-Day Ticket and your Two-Day Ticket a Standard Ticket. The only thing that matters is when you come back to the gate to leave. You don’t have to decide in advance.

Please remember to explicitly ask for a Day Ticket at the gate. Otherwise you will be sold a Standard Ticket, that we can’t exchange for a Day-Ticket later. I you haven’t registered at the desk, you haven’t bought a Day Ticket.

One little disadvantage with Day Tickets: After checkout we will have to take and destroy your festival bracelet. You can’t take it home.

The Process Step By Step

Before the Journey

Please make sure you carry a valid passport, drivers license or some other form of id with you!
Further more please double check you got enough cash on you to deposit the normal entrance fee!

At the Gate

When you are arriving to the ticket desk and ask for a Day or Two Day ticket. please show your passport, drivers license or other form of id. We will register your data and the time of your arrival and hand you your registration number.
You will have to deposit the normal entrance fee and then you will get your festival bracelet.

During the Festival

You can enjoy the festival in the same way everybody does, because you got the same festival bracelet everybody else got, the same rules apply to you. You can leave and re-enter the festival area, as long as you have your undamaged bracelet. Please remember that you can´t open or remove the bracelet yourself, any damaged or altered bracelet will become invalid and you will also loose your refund. If there is any need to change the bracelet, please come back to the gate and talk to us.
If you stay longer than 24 or 48 hours your ticket becomes automatically a Two-Day or Standard Ticket.

At Departure

If you are returning within 24 or 48 hours to the ticket desk and show your identification and if possible your registration number, you will be refunded the difference between the Day/Two Days ticket price and your deposit.
We will have to take and dispose your bracelet before you are leaving.

We will delete all personal information immediately after the festival.