Advance-Sale FAQ

How will the tickets be delivered?

The tickets will be send to the email address you entered when you place your order.

When will I get my tickets?

Usually this happens a few seconds after you completed the the order process, when our payment processor notifies us that the payment is complete. However, sometimes it takes longer for the payment to go through or the email to be delivered, so give it a day. If you haven’t received the tickets by then, please contact the advance-sale help-desk at . Make sure to check your SPAM Folder as well.

I didn’t receive my tickets?

First of all check your SPAM folder, especially if you use Hotmail or another one of Microsofts email services. They are known to almost always delete our tickets and clear out old mails from the SPAM Folder after some time. If you still can’t find them, please contact the advance-sale help desk at .

I did get my ticket but now it’s gone. What can I do?

Please contact the advance sale help-desk at .

I’m using and my ticket has disappeared? seems to automatically delete old mail in some configurations. Please contact the advance-sale help-desk at and save the tickets to a safe location the second time around.

I don’t have a credit card nor a Paypal account and my bank doesn’t support Giropay. Are there other payment options?

No, we do not offer other payment options to pay for advance sale tickets at this point in time. You will be able to buy tickets at the gate though.

I want to give a ticket to a friend how do I change the name?

Our advance sale tickets are not personalized, so there is no name to change in the first place. Tell your friend to bring the ticket and he or she will be fine.

I want to buy a ticket from someone on the internet, how about that?

We don’t mind trading tickets with your friends, but we strongly advice to be cautious and use common sense when you buy tickets from people you don’t know. Don’t buy from “some guy on the internet” or “the gal in front of the train station”. We can not offer any kind of support for this kind of transaction, if you get burned you are on your own.

Do I have to print my ticket?

We strongly prefer you print your ticket with a good printer on clean white sheet of A4 or US letter paper. Experience shows that this works best with our barcode scanners. In a pinch we can work with a copy on your phone, but your mileage may vary, especially with cracked screens. You might have to wait in the “special issues” line. Also, not even your new Iphone has the kind of stand-by time, paper has. 🙂